Types of Commercial Insurance Policies

How to Navigate Commercial Insurance Renewals in 2021

Commercial insurance policies aim at ensuring a company remains covered against risks that can negatively affect its growth. Some business insurance policies even affect a business’s well-being and reputation, as others cover financial elements. These policies are different from personal insurance since they cover many employees and stakeholders and have higher coverage limits.

General Liability

Suppose a client gets injured at your company’s premises due to actions or negligence of you or workers. In this case, general liability covers linked legal charges and potential medical expenses. This insurance policy also covers ‘’advertising injury’’ which may include offenses such as libel and copyright infringement.

Property Insurance

This insurance policy covers a company’s structure and its contents. According to Demont Insurance, property insurance also covers the effects of a business’s revenues when it incurs damage due to theft, fire, or natural calamities.

Business Interruption Insurance

Operations of a business can be interrupted by situations such as issues with the electrical grid, hacking incidences, or a significant storm. A business insurance policy covers the business against such risks. The coverage is structured to protect a company from covered incidences and replace the business’s income. It can also finance the relocation of the business temporally.

Workers’ Compensation

Some entrepreneurs, especially small business owners, may overlook the importance of purchasing a workers’ compensation policy. However, this coverage is a necessity for any business owner. When a company operates without a workers’ compensation policy, damages due to injuries incurred at the business’s premises can cause significant financial losses. Therefore, this policy covers pain and painful lawsuits, punitive damages, and astronomical medical bills.

Commercial insurance policies aimed at protecting your business against any unforeseen risks to guarantee its growth and continuity. Other commercial insurance policies include cybersecurity insurance, commercial auto insurance, and Employment Practices Liability Insurance.