What’s It Like Performing in a Tribute Band?

Tribute bands are back in full swing as people go out of their way to enjoy the incredible different types of live shows that are now offered.  From bands that cover swing bands from the 1930s to Coldplay cover groups, you’ll never run out of options to get to see and enjoy.

Have you ever considered being a part of a tribute band?  This job is full of perks, but there are a couple of touch spots you should expect if you’re getting into it.

Making Something You Enjoy a Job

The best part of being part of a tribute band is making a job out of something you love to do.  Even if you don’t get to do this as your only job, it’s awesome to get paid to have fun. Most people hate their jobs, so having something different and exciting can be inspiring and allow you to put more work into it.

Just make sure you don’t lose the fun you have in it, or you could end up miserable.  Nobody wants to lose their favorite hobby because it’s suddenly too much pressure: make sure you continue to have fun with it.

Getting to Meet Other Excited Fans

Meeting other fans is always exciting: it can be even more incredible when you get to be a part of what they’re fanning over!  Although some, like Michael Francis Sinatra, treat it more as an art- you can still enjoy the feeling of being a rock star without the stunning amount of fame and pressure that comes from being a full-fledged rock star.

Unpredictable Pay and Work

Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict how well you’ll get paid in your first few shows or how often you’ll get hired.  Your whole group has to be awesome and understand the goal, or the entire thing can fall apart on you.  Because of this, most tribute band members don’t do this as their only job.  If your group can create a tight show and stun every single time, there’s still a chance you can make it big!

Enjoying A Career With Your Friends

Although your career does depend on them: you can still enjoy the fact that you’re making music with friends and getting a career out of how you connect.  This is awesome, especially for groups that have been together for ages.

Of course, you can still create a band from strangers, but there’s something awesome about getting to do it with your friends.

Traveling and Seeing More of the Country and World

Everyone wants to travel more in recent years: and getting to be a part of a tribute band is the perfect excuse.  You can travel from city to city, and if you get big enough: from country to country!

Everyone Should Get a Career They Love

Although you still have to put work and time into it, getting to be a performer in a tribute band gives you the chance to enjoy working.  Connect with your fellow fans, and enjoy being a part of something awesome.